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Company Special
Meditab Software Inc Developed tool to create powerbuilder objects (window, datawindow) run time. It is developed based on ORCA. It helps company to make development process fast and efficient. It is fully customized to defined standard coding and properties as per company's need. It includes automatic testing module, which can test standard coding and properties of the window and datawindow run time. Developer can use this tool to create new objects with very minimum time and Testers can use this tool to find out more errors. It also includes Project Management, Database management modules to find out object, column or coding used anywhere in the system.
Meditab Software Inc Developed framework for Pocket PB projects.
Elegant MicroWeb Developed "Report Designer" and "Report Builder" using PFC framework. It allows end user to write SQL through query wizard to generate report. It allows user to design report (change attributes of object, create groups, add compute columns, add text etc.)
Meditab Software Inc/Elegant MicroWeb Developed framework on top of PFC framework based on project's business logic and standard requirement.
Elegant MicroWeb Developed framework in ASP for B2B (Supply Chain Management) portal. It includes number of common ASP and JavaScript functions and standard HTML templates.
CSP Developed framework like PFC to use in all the projects of the company.
Meditab Software Inc/Elegant MicroWeb/CSP Used PFC Extensively, Treeview, Listview, Tab control, OLE Control, RTE, Graph/ Crosstab Datawindow, Custom Visual/Non Visual User Object, Store Procedure, Function, Trigger, Package